Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How To-zday Smashing Chickpeas~*

I have a new food obsession.  Sorry wensleydale, but I never said it would be permanent.
Like most folks now-a-days, I adore me some hummus.  So when my husband proposed a smashed chickpea sandwich, I was on board.  And it was lovely.  So lovely that last Wednesday, while he was teaching his night class, I actually made my own.

Yeah, you heard me.  I cooked.  Well technically, I just mixed and mashed, but the point remains.  I produced a meal.  Yay me!

Now really, the variations on this baby are endless-- if it goes in hummus, it can go in this.  The only constant ingredients are chickpeas, lemon and olive oil.  For my variation, I added dill, salt and pepper and white onion.  I also added a spoonful of tahini because I love me some tahini.

The rest is easy!

I used a potato smasher for the smashing bit-- but found it didn't smash enough {tricksy chickpeas} so ended up using a spoon.
Then just scoop it on to your favorite bread (mine is Udi's gluten free).  For dinner that night we had it with some butternut squash & apple soup that my husband had made earlier (with a wee bit of sour cream added in).  For a bit of variety, I might also suggest adding a sliced avocado to the sandwich-- its scrumptious.  I know because I literally just ate one for yesterday's lunch~*

On a terrifically unrelated yet somehow attached note, did anyone else grow up calling chickpeas, garbanzo beans?  They are the same thing, in case you are wondering.  Growing up in California, we always called them garbanzos.  Out here in Tennessee, they call them chickpeas.  I've officially converted from garbanzo to chickpea because "smashed garbanzo bean" doesn't sound as tasty~*

Bon Appetit & have a terrific Tuesday!