Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Web Wandering: Attack of the Memes~*

As promised last week, here is the meme edition of my weekly web wanderings!

For those not in the know, here is the definition of meme.  You will note that it started out as a highfalutin anthropological term before it was usurped by the internets~*

Like every other internet trope, memes come & go.  The one common denominator is that they are generally nsfw-- so you've been warned.
To keep up-to-date, you gotta check out Know Your Meme: the Internet Meme Database and  Memebase.

And now, for your mid-week pleasure, I give you a random assortment of memes my Things say you oughtta know.  Keep in mind that the examples below are just that-- examples.  You can spend hours strolling through the interwebs checking out the memes-- just do an image search of the italicized titles, settle in & enjoy~*

Grumpy Cat

I Don't Want to Live on This Planet
this meme is always added to something the reader finds ridiculously stupid-- most often facebook posts as illustrated below

Advice Mallard

Ermahgerd Girl

Daily Odd Compliment

Sassy Sloth


and finally, my personal favorite, There's No Time to Explain

Find and good memes lately?