Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Web Wanderings with a side of Awesome~*

We had our first springish day Monday as the temps got in to the 60's.  They dropped back to the 50's Tuesday & today, more's the pity.  But in spite of the temperature drop, I saw these on the way home:

& am confident spring is springing.  Pardon the phone photo, I was excited & at a stop light.

There is something about spring that says redo & renew-- it sort of goes with the season.  So I was thinking of inspiration.  I was thinking of awesome-ness.  And I was thinking of all things light & springy.  I was also thinking about wearing a sundress, getting a haircut & trying out new eye shadow.  Ahem.

Are these things superficial?  Yes.  Shallow?  Yes.  Frivolous?  Yes.

But are we really expected to live our lives with every moment fraught with deep meaning, austerity and special significance?

Not on my blog.

So here they are.  The most superficial, shallow, frivolous & yes, awesome things I could find, according to those who should {but may not necessarily since its all subjective anyway} know~*

Time Magazine's Top 10 Most Iconic Hairstyles....discuss~*

45 Iconic Fashion Films.  The best way to learn is to learn from the best~*

La Dolce VitaAnnie HallBonnie and ClydeThe Outlaw

Top 10 Female Style Icons.  They make classic, classic.

Top 10 style icons

The 50 Most Iconic Beauty Looks of all Time.  Might as well get the whole package, eh?

Of course, with all of this loveliness  the fashion photographers deserve the lion's share of the credit.  Here are the 50 Greatest Fashion Photographers as of right now.

The 50 Greatest Fashion Photographers Right Now
Photo of BeyoncĂ© by Sharif Hamza
And lastly, all things being equal, here are the 75 Best Dressed Men of All Time.  Some fictional, some real, all really, really well dressed.  Take a good long look.  You're welcome~*

Have a wonderfully awesome Wednesday!