Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How To-zday: Plastic Bag Holder

As much as we try to remember to bring our market baskets or use paper, we inevitably accrue a gazillion plastic bags.  To be fair, we do use them-- they line our smaller garbage bins, hold craft supplies & even make their way into projects, like those boot stuffers I made a while back.  So they do come in handy.

But storing them has been another issue all together.  For a while they were jammed in to a cupboard-- but we need the space for more cupboard friendly things.  Then we put them in an unused tote bag, but it kept getting in the way.

So over spring break I resolved to resolve the problem of the plastic~*

Supplies:  a dish towel that matches your kitchen (which I already had lying around), thin elastic, hemtape (or binding, or ribbon-- whatever)

The rest is easy!  Fold the dishtowel in half lenth-wise.  Sew right sides together about 7 inches from the fold {if you sewed it the full width, it would be gigantic}.  Cut the bottom hem at the corner to allow for the elastic.  Attach a safety pin to the elastic and feed it through the hem, then sew the elastic in.  Trim the extra fabric.  Attach the hem tape (or binding, or ribbon-- whatever) to the inside top, flip the holder outside-right & hang it up!

Ta-Da!  Functions as designed-- just stuff bags in the top & pull 'em out the bottom as needed~*

I love a nice quick craft that serves a purpose, don't you?