Monday, May 20, 2013

Music & Motivation & Yes You May~*

Lets take a break from the quotes & get musical.

I'm in a go sic 'em mood lately.  Projects to tackle, life to live, things to see & tons to do.  Its summer break. It brings out the monster in me~*

Here are some songs to get you fired up & charging into the week.

Fair warning, some have strong language.  I always told my kids that in music, using words that wouldn't normally be acceptable in...ahem...mixed company is perfectly okay-- art is above normal social constraints.  "They" don't get to say what is acceptable when it comes to freedom of expression~*

Then again, I've always thought words are just words-- labeling some as "bad" arbitrarily is just, well, arbitrary.  Any word can wound, given the right inflection.  Even nice ones.

Truth be told, all my kids cuss like sailors & so do we, in the non-blog world. know, to each his/her own~*

Any thoughts?



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