Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How Tos-Day...er...What I Dids-Day~*

We've tons of projects going on in our little house Cecilia. Rooms being painted, light fixtures being changed, blinds being installed & new treasures being carefully placed all about. Outside we've been pruning & trimming-- not planting yet, though that is to come.

The end result is that How Tos-day is evolving into What We Dids-day. At least a bit.

If you've followed along on instagram, we discovered an awesome auction thanks to my parents & spent a great weekend finding treasures & bidding & spending more than we intended but less than we could afford {which always makes my mister happy}. I'll share more on the auction Thursday. But I did want to show some pics from the Farmer's Market Saturday morning.

As you can probably tell, it rained most of the day. That didn't dampen our enthusiasm though-- our tomao guy was back! We got several baskets to turn in to sauce & fried green tomatoes. The big juicy 'maters aren't in yet, but these will hold us over until they arrive.

I'm Taby, and I'm a tomato-aholic.

As far as projects, today I'm sharing a quick kitchen remodel I just finished. For quick reference, here is a before {from the Xmas Tour}

I love repainting. I'm not one to paint with the idea of never having to paint again. If I am happy with a color for a year or two, I'm good. I like change. The whole joy of owning a house, for me, hinges on being able to viciously rearrange my environment at will~*

So. Its been a few years, its time for a change. A new coat of paint, a new above the sink light {a sweet cottage jar light in white with every intention of finding a tinted mason jar to replace the standard shade} and come August, some new appliances. Lest you think I've completely lost it, the appliances are 7 years old & the stove & dishwasher were not exactly top-of-the-line. Our fridge will last a while longer. Maybe.


Stage 1 & 2: new paint, new light~*

Whilst doing this paint job, I decided to paint up the ceiling fan as well. Easy Peasy. Remove the blades & hardware, wash 'em up & scrub with degreaser, dry thoroughly, spray paint both sides of the fan blades making sure to get the edges, while they are drying repaint the body of the fan to match, then replace. Vuala!

In looking at these pics, I think it may be time to touch up the ceiling too. I hate painting ceilings...bah. No one looks up anyways, right?

I also repainted the owl cork caddy Thing 1 got me for my birthday. It was originally a dark metallic-aged-bronze, which was lovely, but didn't fit in the kitchen. I spray painted him white with a nice flat paint, and hand painted his bow tie a cheery spring green.

He's much happier now.

 And so am I.

At Saturday's auction I scored a white & gold calendar plate from 1951 & a commemorative California plate from 1950 (the 100th anniversary of California becoming a state) in the same colors that will be added to the kitchen walls shortly.

We also need to finish framing in the plastic-cut-glass-look piece behind the stove that was intended as a panel for a drop ceiling but we are using as a back splash {it can stand the heat, is easy to clean, and allows the color of the walls to come through}. It is being held up with a few dots of hot glue, which is awesome. If it continues to hold I may add more on the entire back wall 'cos it looks cool.

I love things that look cool.  Or at least, my weird version of cool~*

I've been working on the craft room simultaneously, and there are a few traditional how-tos that are in the works as well. There is much awesomeness to come~*

What are your summer projects this year?

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  1. I love the bright color in your kitchen!

  2. That's a sweet photo of you. :) And I love that color and have half a can left of a similar one--mine is called "Swimming Pool." It's gorgeous, so fresh.

  3. Good luck doing the stuff. Gosh you have amazing photos ;)

  4. Looks great, love the idea of just respraying stuff. Rx


  5. Just checking in from Bloglovin' Link-Up! All these items are amazing!! Have a great day :)


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