Monday, May 13, 2013

Why yes you May! Right after this meeting...

And so the summer of 2013 begins with a day full of committee meetings & fall semester plannings & review writings.

A day in the office.

But its a quiet, gentler office once the students have gone~*

I'm not much of a meeting person.  I love a good project, & I'm always up for an educational opportunity.  But thus far in my experience, committee meetings seems to be mostly about socializing.  Not my thing.  Luckily I have a kindle fire.  With Angry Birds.  In Space, Seasons & original.  And their are piggies yet to kill~*

After the meetings have ended, I'll have some office time to myself.  I have a review to write & I still haven't finished that durned article I've worked on for half the spring semester.

I rather like my office this time of year.  It is quiet & cool & I can work there.  At home I am easily distracted by home-projects & kid's stories & scifi & World of Warcraft.  You know.  Life.

Tuesday evening is commencement & I'll have to dress up and put on academic regalia.  Which I find amusing being that I never bothered to attend any of my graduations (nope, not even high school).  So to put on the robe & hood & cap & watch other people graduate makes me feel weird.   But that is tomorrow evening, and not a thing to worry about now.

Now I just need to get dressed, go in to the office & play angry birds for a bit before I can get my quiet thinking time.

What have you got going on today?

Whatever it is, make it a good one~*

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