Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How To-sday Craft Collection~*

I have many crafts & projects started.  And many more planned.


They are all in varying states of not-done-ness. 

I did get my book review and article finished yesterday.  Coming to an academic journal near you.  And I finished a level of Angry Birds in Space.  Which is important.

Yeah, okay.  Not really Closet material.

Today I have graduation.  Granted it doesn't start until 7pm, but I have to be there at 6:15. If I have anything at all scheduled for anytime of a day, I tend to think of the day as shot.  You know.  "I would get X done, but I have that thing at 7."  Like that.  It is sad.  I shall spend the day ironing academic regalia.  No kidding, that's what they call it.  And by they I mean other academics who take themselves a bit too seriously.  Yes Jo, I will provide photographic evidence of my regalia later this week, though I must confess, it is rented.  I am thinking of breaking down and buying it seeing as I have to get in it every year, and had I bought it the first year I was faculty it would have already paid for itself a couple if times over.  So-to-speak.

Happy fellow clearly got his on sale.  You wouldn't believe how much all that crap costs...

For today's How Tos-day, I'm heading into the world wide webs & the collective creative mind of the internets to bring you some clever how-to awesomeness.


Ming Makes Cupcakes.  Yes she does.  And they look delicious.  Now I just need to figure out how to make them gluten free...

These adorable anchor bracelets are just one of dozens of fantastic accessory DIYs at Swellmayde.  And there are more than just acessories-- there are fashion DIYS, and a few home projects too.  Time well spent no doubt!

I've wanted to make an origami mobile for ages.  Seriously.  I adore mobiles of all sorts-- whizzing spinning bouncing gorgeousness they are.  I used to have tons of them, a little workshop of shinies twirling.  Until wee Thing hand tangled them in fumbling explorations.  Now that they are older an less inclined to tinker (well, except for Thing 2) I want to make more.   And lets be real here, a mobile is easy-- sticks & fishing line and some sort of ceiling hook & you are good to go.  Its the origami bit that is hard.  Or was.  When I found this site I fell in love.  3D origami instructions, or as I think of it, origami for the folding challenged.  Love.  Check it out and make your mobile dreams a reality.  Look for my how-to later on in the summer~*

Image from Eva Menz, entitled Free As A Bird.  HERE

We get fireflies out here every summer.  I love them with a passion, provided they don't get inside.  They just seem wrong inside.  Thing 3 loves them too, & has actually captured her fair share in mason jars with careful holes punched in lids.  We never kept them long though.  Just enough to marvel for a minute then away they went back out to light up the fields.  So when Thing 3 saw this DIY on From Panka With Love, she was all for it.  It is on the list.  She wants to do her own how to on it, a whole window sill full of fireflies-- so look for  Thing 3's how to later & get Panka's how to here.

Okay. Last one.  Well, last two.  They are both related by yarn, so really that only counts as one craft material required for two craft projects.  A two-fer.  First up: hair combs.  I love them in the summer when the weather is sticky and my hair seems just a little too long, too heat retaining & too in my face.  My hair is fine but plentiful with whispy get-a-ways galore.  These combs care of Lemon Jitters are just the trick-- & I love the idea of color coordinating cos I'm matchy-matchy like that.

And before you put the yarn away, you could whip up a matching pair of earrings, care of Art From Everyday Objects.  Cos they are adorable and the pattern possibilities are awesomely endless...

I'm gonna try and instagram the graduation, at least a bit.  You can follow along on my sidebar, or by following my instagram here.  I am not sure if I'll post Wednesday web wanderings, or just touch spend the day trying to finish one of my projects...we shall see.  I'll definitely catch up on blog reading & comment making & general friendliness.  Lazy days of summer, straight ahead!

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  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you dressed in your "regalia." I cannot believe you have to rent it yourself. Shouldn't your school supply it??

    Those cupcakes look incredible. I would try them with Bob's Red Mill gluten free all purpose flour mix, with a bit of xanthan gum mixed in.

    Love the bracelets. Have fun tonight!

  2. How exciting!! Hope it all goes well. I love those earrings, such a simple but effective idea. Roll on Summer!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. I get the day obliteration (with appointments and engagements) thing. Had to shift my paradigm when my kids became a little wary and apologetic whenever they'd tell me about some new calendar obligations... Had no idea I was so Grinchy about the hours in my day. Sigh.

    Love the origami...ball thing. Mobile? It is beautiful. And the firefly jars are magical. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com


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