Monday, May 6, 2013

Why yes, you May!

Its May!  Its May! The lusty month of May Tra-la-la-la...

When I was much younger, my mother introduced me to musicals.  My favorite by far was {and still is, truth be told} Camelot.  I wanted to be Guinevere {Vanessa Redgrave},,,at least for the first half of the movie.  And I wanted her wardrobe right up to the convent scene.
When I was pondering what the theme should be for this month's quotes & web wanderings, this song kept going through my head...

So there is our theme.  The month of Yes You May.  Lord knows we can all use some time out for fun & day dreaming & generally soaking up the romance of spring before the stickiness of full summer kicks in.   I shan't do anything wretched or lusty, however.  At least, not that I'll tell you about~*

You may have noticed a few changes around The Closet {get it?  May have noticed?  I kill me}.

It's all thanks to the darling Areeba Siddique of Areeba's Design.  I won a blog makeover giveaway that she ran a while back.  I must confess, I futzed with the colors some from her original design & I decided to stick with a simplified version of my old header, but I love the new layout she came up with & its crisper, less crowded feel.  Its just my personality, I'm a micro-manager.  Sometimes I need inspiration, but I like to do the detail work myself.  It really is amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can bring to a blog design.  The little touches that I never would have thought of.  The clean lines & fresh open spaces that I wouldn't have sought on my own.

She also added an instagram widget, which I adore because it will encourage more phone photography on my part.

You really must check out her blog & let her know I sent you, you won't be sorry.  She is quite talented, & given her young age she's definitely worth keeping an eye on as she progresses in the world of blog design!

Today also kicks off the last bit of finals week & the last few days of the spring semester.  As of Thursday, I'll be on summer break until June 4th when summer classes start.  Which means, my summer projects can finally get underway, including my craft room/guest room redo.  I can't tell you how excited I am to get that going.  Sigh.  Sorry, I was daydreaming about sewing & crafting blissfully as the sunlight streams through the windows in my new mint colored craft room.  Birds are tweeting & bunnies are hopping.  Life is groovy.


I have other amazing news-- including our weekend wanderings & a goodie I wasn't expecting-- but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Wouldn't want to overwhelm you~*  

On with our first week of  May quotes!

Now get out there & have a sweet spring colored daydream on me!

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