Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Freshly Shorn Mini Llama Sorta Day~*

Thing 1 has written a wonderful blog post, all on her own, without me poking her at all.  She just announced out of the blue last weekend that she had it.  She is smashing grand like that. 

But then she went up to my Mom & Dad's to help look after her cousin {my nephew} who was staying with them while her Aunt {my sister} was at a teaching seminar.  Thing 1 was going to get back yesterday afternoon.  But no.  Poppy {my Dad} made spaghetti & all bets were off.

So we are experiencing a slight delay.

And I didn't have anything prepared in lieu of such a delay.

So I am bringing you llamas.  And not just any old llamas.  Freshly shorn Tennessean mini llamas who made an unexpected appearance at our farmer's market.

Enjoy their super-cuteness & I'll get Thing 1's post set up for tomorrow~*

After all, a llama a day keeps suggestions?

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