Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lets go Shopping~*

I had a lot of inquiries about our Bavarian riding a pirate squirrel.  Everyone should be piqued with such curiosity when faced with such an objet d'arte.  It is awesome sauce.

So I though for today's web wandering I'd take you shopping to my favorite Etsy spots.  I've purchased multiple objects from these places & highly recommend them for unique treasures & general coolness.  Because coolness is what its all about.  

As an aside, I am not in business with any of these shops {though I do love supporting vintage & craft etsy shops}.  I've literally purchased items from them at the price they requested because I liked them.  I will be shooting them an email to let them know I'm talking about 'em {wouldn't want to tread upon anyone's toes}-- but this post is entirely me, my thoughts, my happiness at finding them & my desire to share.  Because I can't support these folks all by myself you know.  

As an additional aside, I'm watching Portlandia as I'm writing this & it may affect my writing style.  I may put birds on things.  You never know.  

Jeremy is not particularly fond of Portlandia, by which I mean he doesn't like it at all.  I don't know why I like it.  Is it the earnestness?  The utter commitment to sometimes downright goofy material?  The insane inanity?  Yes.  Probably.  I just like it.  Shut up.

Anyway.  Shopping.

First stop, Fuzzy Ink, where I procured the pirate squirrel.  Its mondo cool.  I've gotten 2 t-shirts from them, in addition to the print, and they are all of great quality at a great price.  These three are definitely on my "Wanna" list.  And don't get me started on my t-shirt dreams.  I have the vintage foxes & the elephant v-necks.  They are smashing grand-- nice t shirts, not flimsy & the lend themselves to wearing with skirts as well as denim.  I'm totally eyeballing the lion & giraffe.  

At Ella Belle Boutique I have purchased a gazillion pairs of earrings.  Okay, a gazillion may be an overstatement, but I have gotten several.  Uhm....lemme see...four pairs.  Not a gazillion.  But believe me, it would be a gazillion if I had the money to spend on earrings.  Her prices are great, and she has a really vintage, refined eye.  I get compliments on my berry bead earrings all the time, and the bumblebee studs have become my go to pair.  She also does necklaces & bracelets, but its the earrings that I adore~*

I don't remember where I first heard of Gypsa & their wonderful pillows & quilts.  I have two pillows {they are technically pillow covers, which I like because they can be removed from my pillow inserts hand washed if needed}-- one in white floral & one in a rich berry floral.  They are actually sitting on my sofa at this moment.  And I am utterly drooling over the quilts.  The recently added other items, but the pillows & quilts are what I love best.  So pretty & wonderfully crafted.  And the colors! A wonderful vintage feel without the fading & threadbare-ness that vintage often has.

I've gotten quite a few vintage bottles from Gretel's Treasures, including the ones holding the Billy Buttons on my mantle. Fantastic prices & great service.  She has a wide variety of quirky finds in every genre. I check by on a regular basis because you never know what is going to show up.  I bought Jer some vintage tin World War I dough-boys {army men} that currently decorate his office.  They were on the mantle for a while, but he & Thing 2 kept turning the fireplace into a battle scene complete with bunkers & artillery.  Sigh.

At Just Smashing Darling I bought the Dutch door sign that hangs on our front door & two lap afghans in delightful vintage colors.  Its actually why I painted the front door red, I love it so.  Its another "check often" shop. Right now she has an old school roll map for example.  Which are incredibly hard to find I may add.   So many cools.  I wants it.

Now at Golden Ponies I've only purchased one pair of oxfords so far.  Baby blue.  Hand made leather.  The most beautiful shoes ever.  They look fantastic with skirts or capris.  So soft & supple & sweet.  They've recently introduced bags too.  Just dreamy.  They are on my list for sure.  To be fair, it takes quite a while to get them as they are literally handmade, but the candy colors & quality are utterly worth it.

Oooh the cuties at Sighfoo!  They are stuffed creatures made out of recycled sweaters.  I have 4.  I had 5, but I gave one to Thing 1 for her apartment.  She keeps hers on her vanity.  I've got mine wedged into random glasses in my display cupboard, cos that's where they like to hang out.   They are pint sized-- between around 4 inches & 8 inches depending.  The are firmly stuffed too. They are pieces of stuffie art really.  I love them madly!

And slightly unrelated, here's an article update to round off your shopping spree with a little healthiness. Blogger and writer Joann MacDonald interviewed Chef Pedja Milosavljevic, a passionate raw foodie for Good Life Magazine.  Its a truly smashing article, full of good ways to go raw-- and this is the time of year to do it folks, at least on this side of the globe.  Seriously.  Check it out.  I'm gonna use it to convert my bacon-y husband to give it a go a few days of the week, at least for the summer!  Click the link & head to page 58.  You won't be sorry.  OH and I want coconut bacon like, yesterday.

Now its your turn!!  Where have you found quirky goodies?

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  1. Great finds. I just love Etsy... it's tough to navigate for me, but so rewarding. I also love Portlandia btw :)

  2. What fun finds, I love all the fun stuff you can find using Etsy!

  3. The Golden Ponies shoes look lovely! great colors :)

    I wanted to invite you to join in our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs Tuesday nights till the end of Saturday, come join in if you have some time :)

  4. "Fuzzy Ink" triggers Rocky/Bullwinkle nostalgia for me...Thanks for posting your Etsy faves. I get a little overwhelmed (no, a lot really) at the sheer masses of vendors when I peek at Etsy. Nice to recognize faces in a crowd...and I'm loving Ella Belle's earrings & Gretel's Treasures.

    Funny how the mantel means something different to everyone in the family...

  5. You are so sweet to link to my article! Thank you! I hope you have good luck with the hubs.

    The coconut bacon was surprisingly nice. I need to learn how to make it. :)

    In terms of shopping, since I work from home, I find I don't do as much buying as I used to. I used to go to the mall at lunch with my co-worker and spend half my income. I see that I could do some damage right from my computer with all these fine Etsy shops. For now I must look away!


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