Wednesday, July 24, 2013

TAG, You're It!

The wonderful Dawn of Dawn's Disaster fame has tagged me, the cheeky monkey.  

Its an old school blogging game of tag-- be sure to check below to see if you're it!

Five things I have a passion for:
1.  My family
2.  American history
3.  Painting
4.  Writing
5.  Our stupid little house

Five things I would like to do before I die:
1.  Meet my great grandchildren
2.  Have a 100th birthday blow-out
3.  Celebrate our diamond wedding anniversary
4.  Own a hover car with a flex capacitor that runs on garbage
5.  Paint my masterpiece

Five things I say a lot:
1.  It's true!
2.  Screw that.
3.  What?
4.  My brain is tired.

Five favorite movies:
1.  Brazil

2.  Star Wars {A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi}
3.  The Avengers
4.  Van Helsing
5.  The Big Sleep

Five places I would love to travel:
1.  Italy

2.  Germany
3.  Ireland
4.  Sweden
5.  Poland

Five people I hope play this Old School Blogging Game:

1.  Kate @ Just Pirouette & Carry On
2.  Lynaea @ Everyday Bloom
3.  Lisa @ The Squishable Baby
4.  Jay @ Crafty Spices
5.  Joann @ Woman in Real Life

Okay ladies!

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  1. You are a fun girl! You always have great, creative answers. I think I lack self-awareness, because I'm not even sure what things I say a lot! ;) And I would take days to think up my fave movies. ;)

  2. The cheeky monkey...that's cute. Cute's probably not a great word, but anyway, I smiled. And what? A hover car fueled by garbage? Another smile (but this could really happen, right? and how smart would that be).

    Fun reading your responses... and like Jo, I'm not sure about what I say a lot either. I'll have to actually pay attention...

  3. So I've been tagged !!!
    I love your answers for the Five things you would like to do before you die. :)...

    I'm looking forward to getting my head strait (If at all possible) and playing along. But I'm thinking it will be sometime next week.
    Take Care!


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