Tuesday, July 23, 2013

House Tour: Thing 3's Bathroom~*

This is Thing 3

And this is Thing 3's bathroom!

You may remember we did a room redo for my teen angel earlier this summer.  Sort of a Sponge-Bob-Meets-Under-The-Sea thing with a little Bending with Beckham thrown in for good measure.

You can see the complete redo here

We kept the theme going for her bathroom.  A word on this bathroom.  It was in miserable condition when we moved in-- truly terrifyingly icky.  Not only had it been abused by the drug addled previous tenants, but it had been redone in precisely the ways you should never redo the bathroom.  We've been slowly fixing it up.  The biggest problem is the tile.  Now tile is lovely & we have nothing against it persay.  But when this room was tiled, the DIY'er that shouldn't have done, applied the tile straight to ordinary dry wall using what appears to be carpet glue.


We haven't fixed the tile in here yet-- we just worked around it.  So excuse its obvious flaws~*


Thing 3's bathroom needed a teen treatment, so that is what we went with.  We used a deep blue & grass green to color block the walls-- the stone peel-n-stick tile we put down way back when was left as is.  On the little half wall directly adjacent to the door, we hot glued an assortment of fishies that we got from Amazon.com.

We left it simple-- though I am tempted to get her to let me do an aquarium mural around them.  We'll see...

We also got a handful of cheap leis from the dollar store to trim out her mirror & ride the border between paint jobs around her shower.  It was an easy, nice happy touch.  Add a fishy shower curtain, a spring green organizer, a few extra lei flowers scattered around & matching floor mats and we were mostly done.

The final touch was a little succulent/cactus garden for her window sill & some inexpensive plastic blinds for privacy.

Even Poosh approves of Thing 3's tropical commode~*

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I've done a quick update of Thing 3's art page.  She's working on a camel's travel post...I think you'll love it, whenever she finally agrees its done.  Pssh.  Artists.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been featured over at Crafty Spices!  Be sure to check out the sweet article Jay wrote about The Closet & let her know I sent you over!


  1. It's so cheerful and bright. She must have a fun personality!

    1. It does match her-- cute, bubbly & always on vacation lol

  2. Cute and fun for a teenage girl!

    1. It is a nice fit {and the cheeriness hides a multitude of DIY sins}

  3. That bathroom is so cute, nicely done!

  4. That's a lot of work for the bathroom! That's coming from a girl with the plainest master bathroom lol

    Jan Loves

    1. LOL it wasn't really that hard, just an afternoon's work!

  5. Looks like you've done a great update! We've been in our home six years and are still combatting all the things the previous homeowners messed up.

  6. Looks clean and fresh and especially, especially (!) fun. I love how you're able to "commit" as you decorate...no timid partial gestures. The fish on the wall are cool. The green is great...the lei swag is way cool, and I have succulent envy. Our upstairs bathroom (the girls share) has no window at all! I suppose we could grow moss in there??? (=


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