Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Back to the House Tour: Our Bedroom

After a few how tos, its back to the house tour!  After a year of pondering, we finally repainted our bedroom from a dusty lavender to a fine spring green.  In a fit of redoing we rearranged the furniture as well which has made us rather happy~*

Excuse the blurriness in the above photo.  I used a panorama maker to try and get the full width of the room and rather enjoyed the odd effect & shifting shadows.

The cubicle shelves are actually 2 inexpensive closet organizers attached first to each other, then to the wall using L-brackets for stability.  They make for a lovely display cabinet for some of our treasures.

We keep our comic book collections & adipose (Dr. Who reference) & other nerd collectibles, as well as a gorgeous first edition Alice in Wonderland my parents got me, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham.  We also have a few sweetheart postcards from Germany in World War I, and other goodies.

Here's a quick how to tip: to match disparate objects, use a common color.  Our two bedside lamps are different styles, but I spray painted my foundling brass lamp with a silver spray paint to match Jeremy's Pier One sale find, then purchased two matching burlap lampshades.  Visually they match up nicely, as do the bedside tables which both feature wicker.  Similarly, I tied in a variety of etsy art finds by using matching black frames: two with white mats, and two floating frames.   
We've got our summer weight blanket on the bed for obvious reasons: the duvet and feather quilt are safely stashed under the bed waiting for the colder months.  Our bed always looks rather lumpy because I have a feather-bed topper...well, that is a lie.  I have numerous feather bed toppers all stacked up like the princess and the pea atop our normal mattress and boxspring.  It makes for a lumpy, over stuffed look, but its positively heavenly to sleep on.

My bedside table is made from two seagrass baskets, which make perfect storage for winter scarves and gloves.  Just enough room for my Fire, my favorite picture of Jer and I and the anniversary card he gave me this year.

I've picked up a few pairs of vintage pillowcases with lime green accents-- these yellow and orange and another lavender and aqua, both florals.  I picked up matching sheets for each set of pillow cases.  The monkey was a gift from Santa 3 Xmases ago.  I call him Limón, because what else should I call him~*

Going clockwise from high noon: Cori Dantini, Shelli Dorfe, Eszter Schall, Alison Jardine

We think of this print as our portrait.  The artist, Cori Dantini, is one of my favorites &, as you know if you've read here a while, I adore supporting etsy artists.

Jer's bedside table is a dark wicker topped plant stand-type table with two drawers for all of his gadgets.  His Fire, glasses, collected cards & favorite photo of us fit snuggly, and he recently hung a leather strand from which one of his finer collectibles, a trench art ring from 1917 from the lamp switch.  I like it.  It can stay~* 

I've collected a lot of old mirrors and frames which we are hanging on the wall across from the window.  They reflect the light wonderfully.  

The trunk at the foot of our bed holds two colonial tricorns we had made for our wedding.  And yes, we wore them.  They are fantastic.  Mine is the green, his is the blue.  And the pig is for good luck.  

And the last little bit you may have seen in the video of Poosh I put up the other day.  Its the dog bed for The Doctor {our immensely overweight beagle}.  We had purchased a regular dog pillow, but it soon got rather nasty looking what with Doctor rolling on it and Poosh tearing holes in it just because he could.  I took and old fleece blanket and sewed an envelope pillow cover for the bed, then stitched a lap afghan to the top of that.  Now if it gets too dirty, I can slip off the cover and give it a quick wash without any hassle. 

So there it is, a tour of our bedroom with a little how to advice thrown in for good measure~*

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  1. I love the Alice In Wonderland book and teapot! Overall, great look and color.

    1. Thank you! I wish I could remember when/where I got the teapot, but I can't. I've had it for ages!

  2. That's a cheerful green! Love your little touches.

  3. LOVE it. It looks totally put together without being overly matchy matchy but with lots of personal touches. It's a wonderful room!

    1. Thank you so much! What do you have planned for your room after your big move?

  4. Pretty! Love the color of your bedroom, very peaceful.

    1. I think so too-- its bright, but not overly busy!

  5. I love love love the height of the bed! Of and how you decorated it too! Those lamps are all matchy matchy now. I think I might have to do that once we get our own house and have a bigger master bedroom! :D

    Jan Loves

  6. Your room looks great, I love that green while all walls may be to much for me it really looks good.

    Keep it up!!


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