Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rain Boots & Plants & A Sunny Day in the Garden

Two autumns ago Bayley bought Thing 3 a pair of Elmo rain-boots.  And she duly wore them in the rains of fall until the day she took them off on the front porch and forgot about them.  They've been there ever since, perched and ready, next to the door just waiting.  And I grew accustomed to their presence.

They became something akin to a spider condo this summer.  But they were better than that.  They needed a new purpose.

I decided to use Tradescantia, {Purple Sabre} because it grows anywhere.  I've managed to keep this plant alive four years now, despite my best unintentional efforts to kill it.  I recently put it in a big planter where it has thrived in the recent rains.  When it gets too long, I break off pieces, poke a little hole in the garden soil, and set them in.  And they are growing.  Its so cool.

And given that hardiness, I figure it would be perfect for growing in rain boots.

To be perfectly honest, I'm continually amazed that anything manages to grow in our garden.  Not that we don't try & not that I don't care.  I do.  I'd love to have a beautiful cottage garden spilling over with all sorts of fine pretties.  Sigh.  

One of these days I'll figure out how to garden...

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