Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making Lists Out of Possibilities~*

I've spent a few downtime moments making lists--to dos & for the holidays & birthdays & just because.  Window shopping from my comfy chair.  Finding inspiration?  Eh, yes,  that and an excuse to sit for a moment in front of the fire (the weekend has been particularly chilly, with some non-sticking snow flakes kicking things off Friday afternoon).

Adorn Jewelry Holder:  imm Living

Stuffed Pets: The Fox in the Attic
Just an excuse to look at pretties & let my mind rest imagining how wonderful this would look on that person's wall, or that would sit on this person's shelf.  There is something peaceful about making a good list;   it's sort of wistful & hopeful & sweet.

Porcelain Arrows: Redraven Studios

YOUniverse Genealogy Kit: ImagineNations

Cruiser Turntable Tweed: Crosley Radio

Does anyone else find things that are too adorable & must haves & deep down you know almost for certain that given enough time & the materials you could probably make it yourself?  I can't be the only over confident crafter in the world.... I do the same thing in stores, wandering through the pretties saying "ooooh that is lovely!" then whispering to Jer, "I could do that" or sometimes "we could do that," and he chuckles & assures me that we could indeed.

Whether or not I ever actually do it isn't really the point.  I could do it, that is what matters.

Trinkets existing in the world of possibility collecting in the corners of my brain.  Or on my blog, in this particular instance. 

Ceramic Fox Planter: The Pottery Lodge

Customized Locket: The Weekend Store

There isn't any real rhyme or reason to this particular list, beyond being gifts & ideas of gifts.  Maybe its the impending holidays that have me in the list frame of mind.  Time is zipping by at an alarming rate, and one can never be too prepared, right?

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