Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thing 3 is Sweet 16 & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  This has been another busy week for us-- Tuesday was my baby girl's 16th birthday.  

Nothing big this year-- school day & whatnot.  She delayed getting her permit {nerves} so no driver's license until the end of January.  Phew, actually.  We could use the time to bring Operation Thing 3's Auto to fruition.
The big present, therefore, was a Kindle Fire HD with cover & pillow-stand.  It was {& is} a hit.  She has named it PolkaDotas & brings it everywhere,  which means we did good, right?

Bayley {Thing 1} made some Franken-Brownies {filled with strawberry jam, so they "bled" when ya bit 'em}.They were delish & I'm hoping to get a tutorial out of her one of these days.  She's been very busy working lately, prepping for the holidays I suppose.  It has been a busy sort of autumn for all of us.

Notice the beagle {Doc} in the background,  anxiously eyeing the brownie, ever hopeful that she'll a) drop it and b) that it will taste like bacon.  He's a southern dog, he likes his bacon.  

Happy birthday pretty princess, we love you!

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