Saturday, December 21, 2013

Crafting Craftiness. I promise. Maybe.

I've been crafting, I swear.  All day.  Well, mostly all day-- we also went out for a little shopping & a nice lunch taking in the crowds & general merriment.  But other than that it has been all crafts all the time...

My wonderful friend Joann of Woman in Real Life once pointed out to me that it isn't so much the writing of a blog post, as it is taking and editing the pictures needed for it that take all the time.  And she is right.

I haven't had time to take the pictures.  But they are coming, I promise.  Maybe.  I'm pretty sure.  Mostly.

Tomorrow evening there shall be a veritable slew of craftiness issuing from The Closet.   I think.  There certainly is a slew of craftiness issuing from my kitchen table at any rate...

In the meantime, enjoy this vintage Santa~*

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