Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ridiculously Easy Tinsel Trees~*

We had a blank spot on the wall above the couch that practically screamed for some sort of holiday-themed-whosy-whats-it.  I quested & surfed & shopped but couldn't find anything suitable.  

And time is running out.

So I purchased three pieces of Styrofoam, roughly 1x11x17, got some tinsel from my ornament box left over from a Christmas past, some stick pins, a sharpie, my melted plastic ruler & the hot glue gun and got busy.

Mark the middle of the short edge of the Styrofoam and draw lines from that point to each far corner for a tree shape.  For the shorter trees, I cut off 4 inches of foam from the top, then drew the lines.  I cut the foam with a kitchen knife, but you absolutely must not tell Jeremy.  Apparently he thinks kitchen knives should only be used for food.  So boring.  Anyway.

I covered the largest triangle in black fabric, since the dark green tinsel I intended for it would have highlighted any white Styrofoam that might peak through, but the two smaller ones I left uncovered.   I stuck a straight pin through the tinsel thread on the top, then started wrapping, pinning the tinsel at each edge as I went.  

The trees are incredibly light weight-- just a tack in the wall to hold them on-- but I think it finishes off the decor perfectly.

Harper suggested adding some stars to the top of each, which we will do later on this afternoon {and I'll take follow up pics too}. I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more craft ideas over the next few days-- so hold on to your glue gun!

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