Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Holiday House Tour: Share the Merry!

As I write this, the 16th of December is coming to a close.  Time for a house tour~*

Fair warning, this sucker is gonna be photo heavy.

If you've been playing along for a while, you'll know that every year we host a Christmas Eve party with some vague theme, just to make things interesting.  And by vague I mean we putter around the theme, but aren't too hardcore about it.  If that makes sense.  


This year it's an Atomic Xmas, and we are going all out.  Vaguely~*

Everyone is coming in vaguely 50's dress, and we are exchanging vaguely 50's secret Santa gifts before having a vaguely 50's feast.  And I have vaguely 50's decorations to round out the whole thing.

Starting with the living room...

In our room, the decorations are a bit more subdued.  That said, I did make a flannel duvet cover out of a sheet covered in penguins & polar bears.  So there's that.

The paper chain is the same that I made for our tree.  Just in case you were wondering.

In the craft room/guest room I kept things soft and simple.  Some vintage tinsel that I got from my great aunt many years ago, a few spaklies and icicle lights.  I love this room.

The hallway is done too.  I found this extra thick tinsel at Target & it made me very merry indeed.  Modern tinsel can be so weasley and weak.  I like my tinsel lush, like vintage.  But that ain't happening, so I'll settle for massive lol.

The last picture is Thing 3's door.  She recently authorized my using her name on the blog (I figure with teens+ it should be left up to them).  Bayley (Thing 1) gave the okay a while ago and now HarperAnn (Thing 3) has followed suit.  No word from Thing 2 yet, but he's a boy, so we could be Thinging for a while to come.

I'm so happy with the red & turquoise in the bathroom (which you can see through the door in the above pic)  that I've decided to keep it permanently.  Hence the towels~*

Now here's a quick craft project.  Get a mobile picture holder (like this) and attach lightweight plastic or glass ornaments for a holiday chandelier.  HA!  Surprise craftiness!

And no worries. There are many other, more crafty crafts to come.  

I know I'm a bit late this year.  It is my modus operandi I'm afraid.  If you see anything you like you can always pin it for next year I suppose.  Sigh.  So many ideas, so little time.

Okay, your turn!!  Do your holiday house tour & post a link in the comments!!  The more the..ahem..merrier!

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