Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tidying Up with Tolstoy

To quote Tolstoy, and who doesn't quote Tolstoy every so often lol...

And I have plenty of them-- plans & projects, I mean, not Tolstoys.

And after you see these links, you'll have plenty of plans & projects too~*

Some spring cleaning tips from Woman in Real Life.  Giveaway for Canadian residents included~*

30 fabulous ideas for fabric scraps.

This, we need.  Our kitchen has organization issues.

A delicious spring veggie recipe Pinterest board. Those asparagus rolls will be made (with some slight gluten free alterations). I'm drooling just looking at 'em.

A whole slew of terra cotta pot crafts. How awesome is that?

I adore these caged birds.  The wheels are turning with how I can modify them to fit in our picture frame...


Lastly, fashion.  For Spring.  Because clothes are cool~*

Incidentally, with all this talk of spring, it is worth noting, that it snowed Monday, forcing campus to close at 12:30.  So all of this loveliness is purely hypothetical at this point.  I know spring exists, and I know it has to come eventually.  I mean, it does, right?

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