Thursday, April 24, 2014

Like a Wagon Wheel

Jeremy & I are going to see Old Crow Medicine Show in concert this weekend.  One band does not a music festival make,  but I'm excited none-the-less.  

 I am drawn to a bohemian vibe in fashion-- I do like to experiment with clothes and I have many fashion moods, but I always revert to hippie.  I blame my childhood~*  I don't mean the dreadlocked, ear-plugged version of bohemian, which is a relatively modern trend and seems to be the teen-twenty something rebellion du jour (no offense intended to those of you exploring your wild side).  
I am referring to the ageless style characterized by simple softness and casual romance.  Gentleness, comfort,  peace & love man.

Embroidery, florals, linen & leather with messy buns or braids or both.  Lovely.  Worthy of a fine bluegrass concert played in a college amphitheater.  

So rock me mamma like a wagon wheel.  I'm ready for it~*

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