Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thing 3's Room-- Better Late than Never~*

After I posted about Thing 3's room being messy, she was rather perturbed.  As today is jam packed with activities that I probably won't be able to post about until Friday, I offered her the chance at redemption for today's post, and she accepted.

Her room remodel started over Christmas break.  Thing 1 moved out a bit over a year ago now-- her room was technically the master bedroom with its own bathroom {our house lay out is a bit odd with what was supposed to be a living room down the hallway with the bedrooms, so the hubs & I opted to turn that into the master bedroom, sacrificing the bathroom to Thing 1 in exchange for a bit more space-- which worked out well as teenage girls use an awful lot of bathroom time~*}.
Now given the order of succession, the room by rights should have passed on to Thing 2.  But Thing 2 did not want to move & thus it fell into the hands of Thing 3.

The first obstacle was the difference of personality between Thing 1 & Thing 3.  Please don't misunderstand me, we really are a nauseatingly close family {with the plethora of "get real" and "things I don't want you to know" posts in the blogging world at present, I almost feel like I need to make up conficts to post about lest you think I'm a happy happy joy joy faker} but part of the reason we are is that we enjoy each other's differences.  Naturally Things 2 & 3, who are 13 months apart, went through a bickering period, but that ran its course last year & its been smooth sailing ever since.  Anyway.  The Things are unique & wonderfully quirky individuals-- so when taking over Thing 1's room, some things had to be adjusted.

Thing 1 is very classy-- all Audrey Hepburn quirky style with a bit of the gypsy princess thrown in for good measure.

The Many Faces of Thing 1
She had, appropriate to her style, painted her room a lush purple, with velvets & rich reds & black accents. Beads, chimes, fairy lights & roses.  DMB & French torch songs.  Breakfast at Tiffany's.  Beautiful delicacies, British literature & fine art.  Very plush, very warm, a wee bit funky & very, very Thing 1.  
But, alas, very, very not Thing 3.
After being in her own apartment several months & determining that she liked it & did not intend to run back home any time soon {her place is adorable & just a few miles down the road}, Thing 1 ok'd the passing of the room to Thing 3.
Thing 3 is skinned knees & climbing trees.  She's a tomboy soccer star.  Country music & cowboy boots.  The Walking Dead & fart jokes.  Very prone to seeing beauty in strange places & always with a camera in hand.

The Many Faces of Thing 3
For her room redo, Thing 3 wanted bright, sunny & alive.  She picked 3 colors-- a sky blue, a sunny yellow & a lime green, and opted to leave a bit of the purple as well.  We strung a tension line across the room & hung tissue paper pom poms across the ceiling.  We got white blinds & a black antique dresser.  We ripped up the carpet & put in commercial floor tiles (we liked the pattern, & they just don't make funky peel & stick).  
And here is the result so far:

This is a nod to the room's former resident-- Thing 1 had hand painted the lower panels of the door & Thing 3 painted around them in green  rather than paint over them
The flooring really is great-- very durable & not too hard to set.  We actually used the same stock in a different pattern on the walls of the main bathroom {trust me, it looks awesome}.  One warning-- its hard to cut curves, as the hubs & I discovered.  He swore he'd  never work with the tiles again after the bathroom, but I was able to convince him to hep me with it after I pointed out that all the cuts would be linear :)
As I said, its a work in progress.  Her old room {and now the guest room/Thing 1's return home room} was smaller & she had covered it with posters, but she wants this room to be cleaner & more refined-ish.  As a result, we are still in the process of finding artwork for it-- & she still isn't sure where to hang things {she's discovered that when you've actually had to do a hunk of the painting yourself, it makes you a lot less eager to start tacking things to the wall willy-nilly}.  We've also been slowly redoing the bathroom {not pictured}-- it needs new flooring too but Thing 1 had painted it a lovely shade of Tiffany blue which Thing 3 adores, so that part is good :)

And now, sweet redemption for Thing 3.  Her room is clean, and you've all seen the proof so you can vouch for her~*


  1. Wow. A glimpse into my past AND now into my future when my kiddos are teens. I have fond memories of redecorating my room. It's looking great!

    1. Its getting there! Its all her vision & planning-- I'm just labor & bank lol

  2. I so remember that feeling before having my own place when your room was the only space to express yourself. The room looks great- she must be pleased.

  3. This looks wonderful and what beautiful 'thing@s you have! All have been blessed with your lovely eyes and killer cheekbones.Rx


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