Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday's Motivations & a New Plan~*

I adore quotations-- they sort of go with studying & teaching history don't you think?  Up to now, my Monday posts were devoted to sharing quotations and images that I've found.  Unless there was a holiday coming up, the quotes were random-- no real focus or direction.  I mentioned on our New Year's resolutions post that I had come up with a few resolutions for The Closet too.  One of those resolutions  was to make my blog more purposeful-- less meandering & more meaningful.  To that end, I am going to start incorporating a monthly theme into my Monday motivational quotations to help me stay focused & inspired.

To get the ball rolling, I looked up a random adjective generator.

Yes, there is such a thing as a random adjective generator.  Right here, actually.

On my first go, the word "conscious" came up.  The perfect word to kick off the rest of my January Monday motivations.

Figuring out why I do the things I do, how I make my decisions, who I am & what I stand for, taking responsibility for my successes & my failures, being aware, being awake, being conscious, has always been incredibly important to me.  After all, the only person that will be with me from the moment I was born to the moment I die is me-- so I've always figured I may as well get to know myself, eh?

That isn't to say that I am fully conscious of everything I do, of course.  I really need to make more conscious decisions about what I eat {I've always been a whatever-is-easiest-to-grab type of eater} & I need to work on being more aware of where & how I spend money {I am a compulsive shopper...well, not compulsive so much as impulsive, but you get my drift}.

Just think of what a little conscious decision making, a little self-awareness, would do to benefit our world in general.  If people stopped searching for someone to blame & instead took responsibility for their decisions, imagine what we could accomplish!  

What comes to mind when you think of conscious?  Is there anything in your world that you think you need to be more conscious about?

I've made some wonderful friends here & I'm hoping that this new Monday direction will help create a conversation with more Closet readers.  I'd love to get to know you better, share ideas & swap stories-- & maybe we can inspire each other along the way.

Talk to you soon~*


  1. Great quotes and certainly a fascinating subject. These days I often feel too exhausted for quality introspection, but it's definately a life goal to be more present and self aware.

  2. I'm stopping by from Yours Truly! I'm loving the inspiration mantras. I good start to the morning. :)
    -Kayla from Love Sparkle Pretty
    a.k.a. your newest follower

  3. I feel like I really need to be more conscious these days. I'm such a dreamer sometimes...

  4. Thank you for linking to Friday chaos, and following back



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