Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday With A Twist~*

I am counting down my last days of winter break!  This coming Friday, I have to go in to campus for two departmental meetings, then I have office hours next week with classes starting on Thursday the 17th.  Sweet!

I love my spring schedule & am looking forward to getting back in the classroom.

I do, however, have a bit of break-is-almost-over panic.

So many things I want to get done before the semester kicks everything up a notch!  I have a huge To Do list on the chalkboard, with a few Want To Dos for good measure.


I had intended to do a post showing off what Santa brought me~*

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful??  Sigh.  I love it so.  I've already made a dress, altered another dress & made these:

The owlie on the left is for a contest winner {yay Alli!}, the owl on the right & the penguin {new design *takes a bow*} are for my nieces~*

I had intended to also show off my embroidery too by doing a How to Make a Monogrammed Sachet How To-zday post...

But no.

I didn't get it done.

{Luckily, I was offered a guest post on Rushing for Bagels, so I will use my sachet idea there & sweeten it with a giveaway too --which I will link to when its up, no fear.}

Last night I was trying to figure out what to post for today when Thing 1 & Blondie came to my rescue

They volunteered to do a guest post here on The Closet for today.  Thing 1 is the best {& Blondie is the best too}~*  Be sure to check back later today for their post on how to be a classy co-ed & girl next door!

Until then, happy Tuesday & here's to hoping that your To Do list is short, your free time is long & you get everything done & more~*