Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Can Blog It. We Have the Technology.

Anyone else remember Six-Million Dollar Man? I wasn't a fan of the show at the time it was out, I was only 8 the year it went off the air & far more into Zoom and The Justice League, but I remember the nanananana-aaa... 


Frank Brand has started a brilliant website to assist and encourage bloggers build better, stronger & more effective blogs.

See what I did there?

I was thrilled when Frank asked if I'd be interviewed for his podcast.  This is an idea whose time has come.

No, wait, I don't mean the time has come to interview me.  Although that was smashing.

I mean Frank's concept for this blog.  A place for bloggers to help bloggers.

When I started blogging a shade over a year ago now, I was literally feeling my way around blind-- the set up was easy, but the rest of it I learned through trial and error and more often than not, accident.  Having a place where bloggers can offer other bloggers advice & support is just flat out brilliant.

So for today's how to, I'm referring you to The Blog Creation.

You really must check it out.

My interview will go up sometime today, but there are already two podcasts available-- Frank's introduction & his interview with Lynaea Brand-- his wife & the author of Everyday Bloom (which is one of my must read blogs btw).  There are links to Lynaea's site reccomenda...ooh...blog-spirations!!  You can totally use that Frank~*  And all sorts of goodies.

This is a must follow.  Here's a link so you can  follow on Bloglovin.  Trust me on this one.  We all need this.

As soon as my interview is up & running I'll be adding a button to my sidebar.  But that's not the best bit.  The best bit is we now have a place we can learn from each other, share our experiences, offer advice & help each other.  How awesome is that?

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