Friday, September 6, 2013

So...Yeah. Sorry About That...

Life.  It is happening.

And I feel I owe my friends and apology.

Things have suddenly gotten a little wild and it has left my brain weary.  I have been reading your blogs, I swear, every morning from 6:45 to 7 over coffee and blueberry yogurt, while I wait for the Things to vacate the bathroom and allow me to get ready for work.  But I haven't been commenting like I ought.  And I don't mean to imply that any of ya'll think I need to comment, so much as I wish I could comment but I can't think of what to say because of the aforementioned brain weariness.

We've had some shifts out here.  Nothing catastrophic.  But shifts.  And the time I've had for blogging & blog commenting has been reduced beyond what I had originally thought it would be reduced because of my taking the extra class.  And the book.  And the committee work.

Jeremy is now working at the local library in addition to teaching a few classes.  Adjuncting has become a precarious career out here in our mountain home.  It doesn't make sense, but there it is.  And local colleges are reducing the number of classes adjuncts can have under political, well, duress.  Its weird really.  They have reduced the number of classes an adjunct can teach, but have hired more adjuncts to pick up the classes a smaller number of adjuncts used to teach.

But that is politics, and I won't go there.  At least, I won't go there from here.

So to make things work he had to move outside of academia.  He loves his new position at the library (he works the research desk), but it means he's not here, he's there.  And I miss him.  We are a team.  I feel like Robin must have felt when Bruce Wayne went to a board meeting.  

All tight-ed up but no where to go.

And I've had to cook dinner.  A lot.

And I have a cold.  With sore throat & sniffles & everything.


So I apologize to you, my friends, for not commenting as per normal.  I've been reading.  I swear.  And at some point we will find our balance & things will resume as before.  Its just not this day.


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